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3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


Note that the JSM geometry files used in HiLiftPW-3 purposefully included minor alterations in the gaps in the following locations (to help with grid generation): (1) between slat side edge and wing main element, (2) at the inboard side edge of the aft flap, (3) at edges of flap track fairings, (4) between the nacelle and the pylon, etc. For details, see the presentation slides by Yokokawa et al.: Intro_JAXA.pdf, also found on the Workshop Presentations page. For consistency and to avoid confusion, we required all workshop participants to use the geometries provided on the Geometries page.

The original geometry files with very narrow gaps in these regions are given below. Now that the workshop is over, these geometries are being made available. We recommend that anyone who makes use of the original narrow-gap geometry files instead of the official workshop geometry files specifically mentions the difference in gap handling.



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08/04/2017 - Added CATIA native files

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