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2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

Logo for HiLiftPW-2 F11 model in wind tunnel, showing laser light sheets


Partical Image Velocimetry (PIV) data were taken at the low Reynolds number condition of ReMAC=1.35 million in the B-LSWT (Airbus Low Speed Wind Tunnel in Bremen). This planar data only included the U (streamwise) and W (up) components of velocity. The component in the y-direction was not measured.

Included here are data taken at three different y-planes: 246.386 mm, 979.596 mm, and 1223.999 mm. Three different angle-of-attack conditions are included: AoA=7 deg, 18.5 deg, and 21 deg. The PIV windows are shown in the following figures.
PIV windows in plane 1

PIV windows in plane 2

PIV window in plane 3

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PIV data are not valid near the walls. There are also occasional "dropped spots" of bad data. The given x and z locations of the PIV planes are believed to be accurate to within +-2 mm. The PIV velocity data accuracy is not known.

3D view of all PIV windows


Data Files (Tecplot-readable block format, see Reading_tecplot.txt):

  Plane 1 Plane 2 Plane 3
AoA=7 deg
P1 WB A7
- - -
- - -
P1 WC A7
- - -
- - -
P1 WD A7
P2 WD A7
- - -
- - -
P2 WE A7
P3 WE A7
AoA=18.5 deg
P1 WB A18.5
P2 WB A18.5
- - -
P1 WC A18.5
- - -
- - -
P1 WD A18.5
P2 WD A18.5
- - -
- - -
P2 WE A18.5
P3 WE A18.5
AoA=21 deg
P1 WB A21
P2 WB A21
- - -
P1 WC A21
- - -
- - -
P1 WD A21
P2 WD A21
- - -
- - -
P2 WE A21
P3 WE A21

Download all the PIV data in one gzipped tar file: DataPIV_v2.tar.gz.


PIV velocity data above are given in m/s. To nondimensionalize by "freestream" velocity, divide by 60 m/s (see Additional Experimental Info page). As a convenience, the following files contain extracted PIV velocity (nondimensionalized by "freestream") at or near the same lines requested for the workshop:


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