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JSM EXPERIMENTAL DATA: Transition Information

3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


Based on best available measurements from other tests, the estimated freestream turbulence intensity in the JAXA-LWT1 tunnel was approximately Tu = 0.16 percent. Some photos from transition studies on the JSM using China clay are available from the JSM experiment with nacelle/pylon ON (at alpha = 4.36, 10.48, and 18.59 deg). The conditions are Re=1.93 million per mean aerodynamic chord, M=0.172.

There was no tripping anywhere on the JSM.

NOTE: JAXA naming convention "Case 2" in the following refers to the JSM with Nacelle/Pylon ON. This corresponds to Workshop Test Cases 2c and 2d.

Nacelle/Pylon ON:

China clay photos are available for the nacelle/pylon ON case for 3 angles of attack: 4.26, 10.48, and 18.59. The photos are available below.
example China clay image for nacelle/pylon on, alpha=18.59 deg

Download all the Nacelle/Pylon ON China clay photos (contains Powerpoint files and PDF files in a tarred gzipped directory): 2017_0207_ChinaClay_ToHiLiftPW3_01.tar.gz (12.8 MB).

Some wing upper surface detailed information (derived from the China Clay photos) is provided in the following tarred gzipped directory (contains PDF files, IGS files, and an Excel spreadsheet): The wing lower surface, nacelle, and pylon were also evaluated, but transition was extremely complex, so they have not been similarly digitalized. The fuselage transitioned to fully turbulent well ahead of the wing.


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