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JSM EXPERIMENTAL DATA: Wing Deformation Information

3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


As part of the JSM test, 32 markers were used on the main wing to help determine the wing deformation under load. The wing deformation is based on the best available wind-tunnel data. The change in twist angle is small (around 0.5 degrees at most), and it increases gradually from the wing root to the midspan area, but not to the wing tip at most of the selected angles of attack (for details, see the presentation slides by Ito et al.: 011.pdf, also found on the Workshop Presentations page. The measurement accuracy near the wing tip is worse due to shorter chord length. In other words, this may represent the actual physics, or it may derive from errors of data curve fitting, but there is currently no way to verify one way or the other.

Use of the deformed wing shapes was not a part of HiLiftPW-3; however, preliminary CFD tests by JAXA did not see any significant effects of the geometry variations on the aerodynamic coefficients (see the 011.pdf file referenced above).

The following STEP CAD files are provided for Case 2a (no nacelle/pylon) and for Case 2c (with nacelle/pylon):

Download all files in a tarred, gzipped directory: Deformation.tar.gz (30.8 MB).

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