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3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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Some relevant force and moment experimental wind tunnel data for the JSM (in landing configuration, single segment baseline slat and single segment 30 deg flap) are given here. Both body and wing are included in the experimental forces and moment. The conditions are Re=1.93 million per mean aerodynamic chord, M=0.172.

NOTE: JAXA naming convention "Case 1" in the following refers to the JSM with Nacelle/Pylon OFF. This corresponds to Workshop Test Cases 2a and 2b.

NOTE: JAXA naming convention "Case 2" in the following refers to the JSM with Nacelle/Pylon ON. This corresponds to Workshop Test Cases 2c and 2d.


Experimental Data Files:

  Nacelle/Pylon OFF Nacelle/Pylon ON
force/moment (corrected)
force/moment (uncorrected)

When running CFD in free-air conditions, the CORRECTED data should be used for comparison.

The following data file gives DELTAS (Case 2 minus Case 1), derived from the corrected data:


experimental lift coefficients experimental drag polar

experimental moment polar

experimental deltas




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Recent significant updates:
04/13/2017 - Added "Case2-Case1_ForceMoment.dat" file and corresponding plot

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