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3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

Logo for HiLiftPW-2 F11 model in wind tunnel, showing laser light sheets

Downloadable Presentations from HiLiftPW-related papers presented at AIAA meetings (pdf format)

(contact AIAA or the individual authors for the papers)

SciTech 2018 (January 2018):
Ito et al. AIAA-2018-1034 Slides-AIAA-2018-1034-Yasushi.pdf
Rudnik et al. AIAA-2018-1035 Slides-AIAA-2018-1035-Rudnik.pdf
Scalabrin et al. AIAA-2018-1036 Slides-AIAA-2018-1036-Scalabrin.pdf (43 MB)
Cary et al. AIAA-2018-1037 Slides-AIAA-2018-1037-Cary.pdf
Langlois et al. AIAA-2018-1038 Slides-AIAA-2018-1038-Langlois.pdf (36 MB)
Coder et al. AIAA-2018-1039 Slides-AIAA-2018-1039-Coder.pdf
Ashton et al. AIAA-2018-1253 Slides-AIAA-2018-1253-Ashton.pdf (47 MB)
Balin and Jansen AIAA-2018-1254 Slides-AIAA-2018-1254-Balin.pdf
Konig et al. AIAA-2018-1255 Slides-AIAA-2018-1255-Konig.pdf
Glasby et al. AIAA-2018-1256 Slides-AIAA-2018-1256-Glasby.pdf
Michal et al. AIAA-2018-1257 Slides-AIAA-2018-1257-Michal.pdf
Rumsey et al. AIAA-2018-1258 Slides-AIAA-2018-1258-Rumsey.pdf

Aviation 2018 (June 2018):
Powell et al. AIAA-2018-2843 Slides-AIAA-2018-2843-Powell.pdf
Zore et al. AIAA-2018-2844 Slides-AIAA-2018-2844-Zore.pdf
Becker and Granzoto AIAA-2018-2845 Slides-AIAA-2018-2845-Becker.pdf (30 MB)
Coder and Ortiz-Melendez AIAA-2018-2846 Slides-AIAA-2018-2846-Coder.pdf
Trapani et al. AIAA-2018-2847 Slides-AIAA-2018-2847-Trapani.pdf (41 MB)


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