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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


3rd Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

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Workshop Results

The participant data are available in the following files. Disclaimer: although CFD data generated by workshop participants are made publicly available, the accuracy and adequacy of participant results are not guaranteed. All participant CFD results should be viewed as workshop-type solutions, for the purpose of advancing the shared understanding of the high-lift community, and not as final production-type solutions.

Rules for usage: In keeping with the goals of the High Lift Prediction Workshop series, these files are made available in the interest of improving computational capabilities for high-lift aerodynamic flows, for the benefit of all. Unless explicit permission is granted by the authors of the data, any reuse or publication of this data in any form must be done using the semi-anonymous attribution methodology from HLPW-4 (attributing the data either anonymously or in a generic way - e.g., R-062, W-055, etc. - with no explicit mention of code, participant, or organization name). Because these are workshop results, they must be considered as exploratory, and not necessarily representative of production-type solutions.


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