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5th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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The wind tunnel data are not all being released at once. Some are being held back purposefully, so that the CFD participants can focus on mesh convergence without being influenced by the data. Other data have not been collected/processed yet.


Test Case 1 (CRM-HL-WB):


Test Case 2.1 (CRMHL-WBHV):


Test Case 2.2 (ONERA-LRM-WBSHV):


Test Case 2.3 (ONERA_LRM-WBSFHV):


Test Case 2.4 (ONERA_LRM-LDG-HV):


Test Case 3 (NASA_5.2%-LDG):


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Recent significant updates:
11/07/2023 - Minor change in FM data files: CMy changed to CM for consistency with requested data submittal forms
11/03/2023 - Posted all available data for Cases 2.2 and 2.3

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