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3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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The test cases for HiLiftPW-3 are defined in the following document:

For the required test cases, participants are asked to run on at least one set of grids to be provided by the HiLiftPW Committee (if possible). The official supplied geometry must be used if/when participants create their own grids, and self-generated grids must be uploaded to the HiLiftPW Committee.

Geometric Reference Parameters for the NASA HL-CRM (note the geometry is in INCHES):

Geometric Reference Parameters for the JSM (note the geometry is in MILLIMETERS):


Please check periodically for updates, and/or get on the email distribution list by request to to be notified directly of any updates/changes.


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Recent significant updates:
04/29/2020 - Corrected y-location of moment reference center of the NASA HL-CRM
03/21/2017 - Added geometric reference parameters (copied from Geometries page)
03/02/2017 - Revised Official Test Case Document (there was a typo regarding grid sizes for Case 3)
02/22/2017 - Revised Official Test Case Document (added explanatory note regarding scaling and Re for Case 1a)

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