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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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Data Submittal Forms

The following Tecplot-readable Data Submittal Forms (DSF) are the initial templates developed for submittal to HLPW-4. However, it is possible that many of these may be subsequently changed (or new forms may be developed) for each of the specific TFGs. Please stay tuned.


Postprocessing: Surface Pressure and Skin Friction Extraction

The surface data are to be extracted in the (approximate) planes containing the pressure taps. Note that when deployed, the pressure tap rows are not aligned on all 3 elements (they are aligned only when stowed). See the figure below, showing the configuration with slat and flap elements deployed.
CRM-HL pressure tap rows

Note that the configuration is defined in the +Y plane, in full-scale inches. The following text file defines equations (Ax + By + Cz = D) for the planar cuts that approximately intersect the pressure taps for the 7 span stations on the main wing, slat, and flap when in deployed position: CuttingPlane_CRM-HL_v1.txt.

For those participants with access to Tecplot360 EX, macro files are provided here that can be used to help extract data on the surface of the full-scale configurations (inches) approximately along all of the requested pressure tap planes:

Some editing of the macros may be required... see instructions inside the file. Note that these macros define each cutting plane by specifying 3 sets of X,Y,Z coordinates that lie in the plane, as defined by the equations in the above CuttingPlane_CRM-HL text file. Also, be aware that the Tecplot extraction will include ANY active surface cut by a specified plane, even if unintended.

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Recent Significant Site Updates
01/13/2021 - V2 Data Form Templates for Cases 1 and 2 posted, including pressure/skin friction forms; pressure tap cutting plane locations also posted
12/18/2020 - Initial Data Form Templates for Cases 1 and 2 posted
12/11/2020 - Clarifying change made in two of the Verification Study forms - data to be submitted on 3 finest grids

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