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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


3rd Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

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This page links to downloadable grids (and related information) for HLPW-4. All grids are made publicly available by the originators of the grids. Disclaimer: The grids available for download may or may not be appropriate for your solver, and may or may not be of sufficient density and quality to yield accurate results. You must judge for yourself. Please contact the grid originators if you have any questions about the grids.

Most of the provided grids are "free air" (half-model with symmetry plane in free air). In-tunnel grids are indicated with "T" designation.

IMPORTANT: Please double-check the BCs in any grid that you download. We have noticed small mistakes/typos occasionally (for example, a prescribed x-symmetry plane when it should be y-symmetry).


summary_crmhl_meshes_for_HLPW4.pdf <- last updated 02/19/2022




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Recent significant updates:
02/19/2022 - Added grids 250
02/18/2022 - Added grids 190.B and 240.C
02/14/2022 - Added grids 210, 220, and 230
02/01/2022 - Started to add grids 190 and 200
12/20/2021 - Added grids 180 and 181
11/17/2021 - Replaced 105T B grids for 9.98 deg
11/12/2021 - Added 105T level A grids
11/10/2021 - Added 105T level B grids and 170 grids
11/01/2021 - Added grid 107
10/23/2021 - Added new 5 committee PW grids (levels A, B, C, and D)
10/12/2021 - Added new 104 ANSA grids (levels A, B, and D)
09/14/2021 - Updated 150 Q2 grids and added 150 Q3 grids

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