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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


3rd Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

Logo 1 for HLPW-4

Downloadable Presentations from HLPW-4/GMGW-3 related papers presented at AIAA Aviation 2022 (pdf format)

(contact AIAA or the individual authors for the papers)


Download all files in a single zip directory: (222 MB)


Summary Session 1 (in person):
Pita and Woeber AIAA-2022-3209 S1_01_summary_gridgen_pita.pdf
Park et al. AIAA-2022-3210 S1_02_summary_adapt_park.pdf
Ollivier-Gooch and Coder AIAA-2022-3211 S1_03_summary_rans_ollivier-gooch.pdf

Summary Session 2 (in person):
Galbraith and Karman AIAA-2022-3292 S2_01_summary_highorder_galbraith.pdf
Ashton et al. AIAA-2022-3293 S2_02_summary_hrles_ashton.pdf
Kiris et al. AIAA-2022-3294 S2_03_summary_wmles_kiris.pdf
Rumsey et al. AIAA-2022-3295 S2_04_summary_overall_rumsey.pdf

Results Session 1 (virtual):
Ciloni et al. AIAA-2022-3393 R1_01_results_cfd++_rans_ciloni.pdf
Wood and Park AIAA-2022-3394 R1_02_results_fun3d_adapt_wood.pdf
Wang AIAA-2022-3395 R1_03_results_hpmusic_highorder+wmles_wang.pdf

Results Session 2 (in person):
Koenig et al. AIAA-2022-3433 R2_01_results_powerflow_lb_koenig.pdf
Ghate et al. AIAA-2022-3434 R2_02_results_lava_wmles_ghate.pdf
Goc et al. oral only R2_03_results_charles_wmles_goc.pdf
Tamaki et al. AIAA-2022-3435 R2_04_results_ffvhcace_wmles_tamaki.pdf
Ahmad et al. AIAA-2022-3436 R2_05_results_fun3d_rans+wmles_ahmad.pdf

Results Session 3 (in person):
Hanke AIAA-2022-3520 R3_01_results_siemens_geom+mesh_hanke.pdf
Alauzet et al. AIAA-2022-3521 R3_02_results_wolf_adapt_alauzet.pdf
Nakashima et al. AIAA-2022-3522 R3_03_results_cradle_rans_ando.pdf
Browne et al. AIAA-2022-3523 R3_04_results_lava_hrles_browne.pdf
Ashton et al. AIAA-2022-3524 R3_05_results_cfd++_hrles_ashton.pdf

Results Session 4 (virtual):
Jansson et al. AIAA-2022-3589 R4_01_results_rfs_euler_jansson.pdf
Probst and Melber-Wilkending AIAA-2022-3590 R4_02_results_tau_hrles_probst.pdf
Kambrath et al. AIAA-2022-3591 R4_03_results_bcfd_wmles_kambrath.pdf
Mahmoudnejad et al. AIAA-2022-3592 R4_04_results_overflow_rans_mahmoudnejad.pdf

Results Session 5 (in person):
Duensing et al. AIAA-2022-3742 R5_01_results_lava_rans_duensing.pdf
Murayama and Ito AIAA-2022-3743 R5_02_results_tas_rans_murayama.pdf
Plante and Laurendeau AIAA-2022-3744 R5_03_results_champs_rans_plante.pdf
Fitzgibbon et al. AIAA-2022-3745 R5_04_results_flow360_rans+hrles_fitzgibbon.pdf
Zastawny et al. AIAA-2022-3746 R5_05_results_starccm+_rans_zastawny.pdf

Results Session 6 (virtual):
Ruiz-Gironez and Roca AIAA-2022-3807 R6_01_gridgen_curving_ruizgironez.pdf
LeGouez AIAA-2022-3808 R6_02_results_nextflow_highorder_legouez.pdf
Sukas and Sahin AIAA-2022-3809 R6_03_results_hemlab_adapt_sukas.pdf
Bogstad et al. AIAA-2022-3810 R6_04_results_nsu3d_rans+hrles_mavriplis.pdf


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