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2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

Logo for HiLiftPW-2 F11 model in wind tunnel, showing laser light sheets

Downloadable Presentations from HiLiftPW-related papers presented at AIAA meetings (pdf format)

(contact AIAA or the individual authors for the papers)

SciTech 2014 (January 2014):
Rumsey and Slotnick Workshop Summary (AIAA-2014-0747) Talk-2014-0747-Rumsey.pdf
Mavriplis et al. NSU3D (AIAA-2014-0748) Talk-2014-0748-Mavriplis.pdf
Chitale et al. PHASTA (AIAA-2014-0749) Talk-2014-0749-Chitale.pdf
Eliasson and Peng EDGE (AIAA-2014-0750) Talk-2014-0750-Eliasson.pdf
Konig et al. PowerFLOW (AIAA-2014-0911) Talk-2014-0911-Konig.pdf
Allaneau et al. CFD++ (AIAA-2014-0912) Talk-2014-0912-Allaneau.pdf
Deloze and Laurendeau NSMB (AIAA-2014-0913) Talk-2014-0913-Deloze.pdf (88 MB)
Hanke et al. STAR-CCM+ (AIAA-2014-0914) Talk-2014-0914-Hanke.pdf
Rudnik and Melber-Wilkending TAU (AIAA-2014-0915) Talk-2014-0915-Rudnik.pdf
Cavallo CRUNCH CFD (AIAA-2014-0916) Talk-2014-0916-Cavallo.pdf
Hoffman et al. UNICORN (AIAA-2014-0917) Talk-2014-0917-Hoffman.pdf

Aviation 2014 (June 2014):
Lee-Rausch et al. FUN3D and CFL3D (AIAA-2014-2395) Talk-2014-2395-LeeRausch.pdf
Murayama et al. UPACS and TAS (AIAA-2014-2396) Talk-2014-2396-Murayama.pdf (22 MB)
Moitra et al. CFD++ (AIAA-2014-2397) Talk-2014-2397-Moitra.pdf
Escobar et al. Fluent (AIAA-2014-2398) Talk-2014-2398-Escobar.pdf
Makarov et al. Cobra (AIAA-2014-2399) Talk-2014-2399-Makarov.pdf
Holman et al. XFlow (AIAA-2014-2568) Talk-2014-2568-Brionnaud.pdf
Gopalakrishna et al. HiFUN (AIAA-2014-2569) Talk-2014-2569-Balakrishnan.pdf
Rasquin et al. PHASTA (AIAA-2014-2570) Talk-2014-2570-Rasquin.pdf (26 MB)
Chen et al. MFlow (AIAA-2014-2571) Talk-2014-2571-Chen.pdf
Duque OVERFLOW (AIAA-2014-2695) Talk-2014-2695-Duque.pdf
Coder OVERFLOW (AIAA-2014-2696) Talk-2014-2696-Coder.pdf
Pulliam and Sclafani OVERFLOW (AIAA-2014-2697) Talk-2014-2697-Pulliam.pdf


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