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JSM EXPERIMENTAL DATA: Pressure Coefficients

3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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Some relevant pressure coefficient experimental wind tunnel data for the JSM (in landing configuration, single segment baseline slat and single segment 30 deg flap) are given here. The conditions are Re=1.93 million per mean aerodynamic chord, M=0.172.

NOTE: JAXA naming convention "Case 1" in the following refers to the JSM with Nacelle/Pylon OFF. This corresponds to Workshop Test Cases 2a and 2b.

NOTE: JAXA naming convention "Case 2" in the following refers to the JSM with Nacelle/Pylon ON. This corresponds to Workshop Test Cases 2c and 2d.


Experimental Data Files (these data are not corrected for wind tunnel effects):

  Nacelle/Pylon OFF Nacelle/Pylon ON
Cp, alpha=4.36
Cp, alpha=10.47
Cp, alpha=14.54
Cp, alpha=18.58
Cp, alpha=20.59
Cp, alpha=21.57

Note: all Nacelle/Pylon OFF data files were revised on 5/8/2017, due to a minor error discovered in five x, y, z values near the leading edge of the C-C slice.

Download all the Cp data in one gzipped tar file: DataPressure.tar.gz. <- revised on 5/8/2017




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Recent significant updates:
05/08/2017 - Revised Nacelle/Pylon off data files posted, due to minor error in 5 x,y,z values in C-C slice

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