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5th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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The configuration used in HLPW-5 is again the NASA High-Lift Common Research Model (CRM-HL). A general description of the CRM-HL can be found in AIAA Paper 2020-2771 (Lacy & Clark). Now, with expanded testing in the CRM-HL "ecosystem," there are often different areas of emphasis each time an ecosystem partner conducts a wind tunnel test. It is also important to note that the support hardware - such as slat brackets and flap supports - sometimes require minor redesigns because of particular wind tunnel requirements.

As a result, for HLPW-5 there are multiple geometries being used. These geometries are different in their details from the geometry used in HLPW-4. They are presented here for each of the three HLPW-5 Test Cases. All are provided in full-scale inches.

Note that the last 2 inches (full scale) of the original CRM-HL fuselage geometry was purposefully cut off in the CAD files, to avoid problematic curvature that could cause issues for some CFD methods. Thus, the CAD fuselage length is very slightly different from many of the built CRM-HL models. This very minor change has no effect on any of the results of interest.


Test Case 1: CRM-HL Wing-Body Verification

CRM-HL Wing-Body configuration (STP file):

CRM-HL Wing-Body configuration without the farfield boundary definition (STP file):

Test Case 2: Configuration Buildup


Test Case 3: Reynolds Number Study


NOTE: STEP files only support SI units. However, the CAD files were created with the intention of the subject model being in inches. In the end, be sure to check that your final size agrees with the numbers below (e.g., full-scale wing semi-span should be 1156.75 inches).


Geometric Reference Parameters for the NASA CRM-HL (full scale inches):

Note that these reference parameters remain the same across all test cases


If you are generating your own meshes, you should try to follow the gridding guidelines found on the Grids page, and the final grids must be made available to the HLPW Committee.


Please check periodically for updates, and/or get on the email distribution list by request to to be notified directly of any updates/changes.


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Recent significant updates:
12/04/2023 - Added link to Case 3 geometry files
10/04/2023 - Note added regarding a minor geometry fix for Cases 2.2 and 2.3
05/25/2023 - Added link to Case 2 geometry files
04/24/2023 - Added CAD for Case 1 without farfield boundary definition included (some CAD readers have trouble with this)

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