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2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

Logo for HiLiftPW-2 F11 model in wind tunnel, showing laser light sheets

Downloadable Participant Presentations from the Workshop (pdf format)

Slotnick Overview/Grid Systems HLPW2-slotnick.pdf (2.0 MB)
Rudnik Wind Tunnel/Test Data HLPW2-rudnik-WT.pdf (9.6 MB)
Day 1
Laflin Cessna Aircraft Company HLPW2-laflin.pdf (7.4 MB)
Lee-Rausch NASA LaRC HLPW2-leerausch.pdf (5.5 MB)
Rudnik DLR HLPW2-rudnik.pdf (7.3 MB)
Mavriplis University of Wyoming HLPW2-mavriplis.pdf (12.0 MB)
Eliasson FOI HLPW2-eliasson.pdf (14.8 MB)
Cavallo CRAFT Tech HLPW2-cavallo.pdf (12.2 MB)
Sasanapuri ANSYS HLPW2-sasanapuri.pdf (6.1 MB)
Allaneau Metacomp Technologies HLPW2-allaneau.pdf (3.8 MB)
Murayama JAXA HLPW2-murayama.pdf (13.8 MB)
Moitra TATA Consultancy Services HLPW2-moitra.pdf (3.3 MB)
Deloze Polytechnique Montreal/Icube/CFS Eng HLPW2-deloze.pdf (70.5 MB)
Escobar U de San Buenaventura/U de los Andes HLPW2-escobar.pdf (7.4 MB)
Cooper Texas A&M University HLPW2-cooper.pdf (12.2 MB)
Day 2
Duque Intelligent Light HLPW2-duque.pdf (9.7 MB)
Coder Penn State University HLPW2-coder.pdf (7.4 MB)
Sclafani/Pulliam Boeing/NASA ARC HLPW2-sclafani.pdf (12.9 MB)
Wiart ONERA HLPW2-wiart.pdf (4.6 MB)
Konig Exa GmbH HLPW2-konig.pdf (3.0 MB)
Holman Next Limit Technologies HLPW2-holman.pdf (11.7 MB)
Langlois Bombardier Aerospace HLPW2-langlois.pdf (6.8 MB)
Nagata Kawasaki Heavy Industries HLPW2-nagata.pdf (10.4 MB)
Balakrishnan Indian Institute of Science HLPW2-balakrishnan.pdf (28.8 MB)
Chitale University of Colorado Boulder HLPW2-chitale.pdf (7.3 MB)
Jansson KTH HLPW2-jansson.pdf (14.2 MB)
Chen CARDC HLPW2-chen.pdf (7.4 MB)
Rumsey Workshop Summary HLPW2-rumsey.pdf (22.6 MB)


A single tarred gzipped directory with all talks above is available here: ParticipantTalks.tar.gz (300.4 MB)


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