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2nd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

Logo for HiLiftPW-2 DLR F11 model in wind tunnel, showing laser light sheets


The following geometry files are based on deployed coordinates of the DLR F11 in landing configuration. All grids are to be constructed using these particular files. Note that the three Test Cases for DLR F11 each require different configuration details. Both IGES and STEP format are currently available for each configuration (units are in mm):

(Config 5 is the closest representation to the wind tunnel model. It includes the tubes of the slat pressure taps, which were attached in bundles external to the slat tracks. An internal positioning of the tubes could not be realized due to the model size.)
The geometry files have been read successfully into several different CAD packages, including Rhino, ACIS, CATIA, and CADFIX. Some warnings may occur, but it is expected that most grid generation packages should be able to deal with the files.
Note that there is a sequence of minor discontinuities in slope on the DLR F11 wing-body fairing geometry. These C2-discontinuities do not reflect the actual model. However, given the location and likely low relevance of the discontinuities, repairing the geometry in this area has not been deemed necessary for this workshop.


Note: HiLiftPW participants are asked to run on one of the provided grids if possible. Participants are also welcome to create their own grids, but they must be uploaded to the HiLiftPW Committee.


Geometric Reference Parameters:

The following descriptive diagrams give additional details concerning the configuration geometry and reference parameters. Also included are definitions of the planes containing the pressure taps on the slat and flap when rotated into landing configuration (slat 26.5 deg, flap 32 deg):

DLR F11 model sketch, dimensions, and pressure tap locations, page 1
DLR F11 model sketch, dimensions, and pressure tap locations, page 2
DLR F11 model sketch, dimensions, and pressure tap locations, page 3

Download pdf version of the above descriptive diagrams: model-sketch-dimensions_hiliftpw2-f11.pdf

Note that Tecplot macro files and instructions for extracting cuts along the appropriate pressure section locations are provided on the Data Submittal Forms & Postprocessing Info page.

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