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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


3rd Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

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The test cases for HLPW-4 are defined in the following document (reference parameter information can be found on the Geometry Files Page):

Note: SA-based RANS submissions for Cases 1 and 2 that do not submit the Case 3 SA verification test (or demonstrate adequate verification) will be analyzed separately from other SA-based RANS submissions.

For participants with limited resources, the following prioritized list of angles of attack for Case 2 have been established:
  1. AoA=7.05 deg (free air) or 5.98 deg (in-tunnel) <- highest priority
  2. AoA=21.47 deg (free air) or 19.98 deg (in-tunnel)
  3. AoA=20.55 deg (free air) or 18.97 deg (in-tunnel)
  4. AoA=19.57 deg (free air) or 17.98 deg (in-tunnel)
  5. Other angles of attack are not ordered

-The V15 document clarifies the need to run at least 3 of the workshop-provided family of meshes for Case 1b (the finest set of consecutively-refined meshes that you are able to run)

-The V14 document slightly modifies many of the requested angles-of-attack (for better consistency with the available 40/37 experimental data). In particular, Case 1 is now at 7.05 deg (instead of 7.01). Case 2a is now at 2.78, 7.05, 11.29, 17.05, 19.57, 20.55, 21.47 deg (instead of 2.78, 7.01, 11.29, 17.53, 19.57, 20.55, 21.46). Case 2b is now at 1.99, 5.98, 9.98, 15.48, 17.98, 18.97, 19.98 deg (instead of 2, 6, 10, 16, 18, 19, 20). Two additional minor changes: (1) the description of case 2b (under "Important Details") was altered, because the tunnel CAD is being provided 10x larger than reality in order to match with the full scale CRM-HL geometry files), and (2) the semi-span model reference area is now included.

-The V13 document includes a new angle of attack for case 2a (20.55 deg.) and 2b (19 deg); also the SRS reference in case 3 was removed.

-The V12 document differs from V11 in the specified Re, T, and p for Cases 1 and 2. These were slightly adjusted for better correlation with the wind tunnel test conditions.

Note: if your CFD code does not take Reynolds number (Re) as an input, then (preferably) kinematic viscosity should be adjusted in order to achieve the precise Re requested in the Test Cases Document. Additional information about the setting of Re can be found in Q10/A10 on the FAQs page.


Alternative Test Case 3 for the HRLES TFG and WMLES/LB TFG: Three-Element 30P-30N Airfoil


Please check periodically for updates, and/or get on the email distribution list by request to to be notified directly of any updates/changes.


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Recent significant updates:
07/23/2021 - Prioritized AoAs for polar computations listed
01/08/2021 - Posted v15 of Test Cases document (minor clarification)
12/18/2020 - Posted v14 of Test Cases document (biggest change: slight modification in the requested angles of attack), plus added 30P-30N Test Case
12/02/2020 - Posted v13 of Test Cases document (added another angle of attack for cases 2a and b)
10/20/2020 - Posted v12 of Test Cases document (Re, T, and p were adjusted in Cases 1 and 2)
09/16/2020 - Posted v11 of Test Cases document (some rewording in Case 3)
09/09/2020 - Posted v10 of Test Cases document (minor clarifications)
09/08/2020 - Posted v9 of Test Cases document

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