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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

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The test cases for HLPW-4 are defined in the following document:

The V12 document differs from V11 in the specified Re, T, and p for Cases 1 and 2. These were slightly adjusted for better correlation with the wind tunnel test conditions.

Note: if your CFD code does not take Reynolds number (Re) as an input, then (preferably) kinematic viscosity should be adjusted in order to achieve the precise Re requested in the Test Cases Document. Additional information about the setting of Re can be found in Q10/A10 on the FAQs page.


Please check periodically for updates, and/or get on the email distribution list by request to to be notified directly of any updates/changes.


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Recent significant updates:
10/20/2020 - Posted v12 of Test Cases document (Re, T, and p were adjusted in Cases 1 and 2)
09/16/2020 - Posted v11 of Test Cases document (some rewording in Case 3)
09/09/2020 - Posted v10 of Test Cases document (minor clarifications)
09/08/2020 - Posted v9 of Test Cases document

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