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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop


3rd Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

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Wind tunnel data (from the QinetiQ Five-Meter Pressurized Low-Speed Wind Tunnel in Farnborough, UK) are provided here:

Lift curve Example mini tuft photo Example oil flow photo

Effect of flap angle on corrected lift curve CRM-HL pressure tap rows


Note: there is no information on the particular camera positions used for taking the various oil flow and mini-tuft photos.

Please check periodically for updates, and/or get on the email distribution list by request to to be notified directly of any updates/changes.

Note 1: related AIAA papers on the HLPW-4 CRM-HL testing and configuration are: AIAA-2020-2770 and AIAA-2020-2771 (also mentioned on the Geometries page).
Note 2: the same wind tunnel test article, with slightly different configuration settings, was tested earlier in the NASA Langley 14x22 wind tunnel (which also involved separate flow control investigations). This 14x22 test was at a lower Reynolds number (3.27 x 106 per mean aerodynamic chord) than the QinetiQ case being used for HLPW4 (5.49 x 106). Because the reference case in the 14x22 test involved a different REMAC and slightly different configuration settings, it is not appropriate to make direct comparisons to the 14x22 data using the current HLPW-4 provided geometry. Nevertheless, participants may be interested to see documentation of the earlier wind tunnel results: AIAA-2019-3723, AIAA-2019-3727, AIAA-2020-0786.


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Recent Significant Site Updates
07/27/2021 - Added force/moment and Cp data for off-nominal flap angles
07/23/2021 - Added v2 of mini-tuft data, which includes photos at 3 flap angles for AoA=5.98 deg
07/14/2021 - Added statement about standoff not contributing to the balance data (also mentioned elsewhere on website)
04/23/2021 - Link to existing BL tripping information on Geometries page added
04/21/2021 - The X and Z locations of points 40, 41, and 42 in wing row G were corrected in the surface pressure data files
04/01/2021 - Added information regarding how the tunnel polar was attained
03/17/2021 - Replaced R266RakeData.xlsx with R266RakeData_v2.xlsx, and provided formula
03/04/2021 - Added some related AIAA paper references
02/12/2021 - Floor rake data posted
01/13/2021 - Model surface pressures posted

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