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1st AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop

Image of an unstructured trap wing grid Image of a trap wing CFD solution

Downloadable Participant Presentations from the Workshop (pdf format)

Session 1 (Introduction)
Slotnick Workshop Introduction slotnick-intro.pdf
Hannon Geometry/Data Summary hannon-geomexp.pdf
Chaffin Grid System Overview chaffin-grids.pdf
Session 2 (Participants)
Lee-Rausch NASA LaRC (CFL3D & FUN3D) leerausch-nasa.pdf
Wiart ONERA (elsA) wiart-onera.pdf
Murayama JAXA (TAS & UPACS) murayama-jaxa.pdf
Session 3 (Participants)
Vos CFS Eng & RUAG (NSMB) vos-cfs.pdf
Steed ANSYS (CFX) steed-ansys.pdf
Sclafani Boeing (OVERFLOW) sclafani-boeing.pdf
Pulliam NASA Ames (OVERFLOW) pulliam-nasa.pdf
Session 4 (Participants)
Goldberg Metacomp (CFD++) goldberg-metacomp.pdf
Peddiraju/Luo BETA CAE & SWIFT Eng (CFD++) peddiraju-luo-swift.pdf,
Rudnik DLR (TAU) rudnik-dlr.pdf
Crippa DLR (TAU) crippa-dlr.pdf,
Session 5 (Participants)
Long U. Wyoming & Sci Simulations (NSU3D) long-wyoming.pdf
Venkatasubban Hawker Beechcraft (NSU3D) venkat-hawkerbeechcraft.pdf
Chaffin Cessna (FUN3D & NSU3D) chaffin-cessna.pdf
Park NASA LaRC (FUN3D) park-nasa.pdf
Session 6 (Participants)
Abdol-Hamid NASA LaRC (USM3D) hamid-nasa.pdf
Reyes Texas A&M & NASA LaRC (USM3D) reyes-texasam.pdf
Eliasson FOI (EDGE) eliasson-foi.pdf
Session 7 (Participants)
Mani (for Ravindra) Indian Inst of Sci (HiFUN) ravindra-iisc.pdf
Noelting Exa (PowerFLOW) noelting-exa.pdf
Cavallo CRAFT Tech (FUN3D) cavallo-craft.pdf
Session 8 (Summary)
Rumsey Workshop Summary rumsey-summary.pdf

The agenda is available as a pdf file: HiLiftPW-1Agenda.pdf.
Post-Workshop Summary
Rumsey & Slotnick Post-Workshop Shortened Summary summary-postworkshop.pdf


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