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4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HLPW-4)

Sponsored by the AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Technical Committee

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Goals of the Workshop Series


Important Information:

**Participation in HLPW implies agreement that any submitted results, grids, presentations, or other data will be made publicly available. Participants are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions from their own organizations prior to the workshop.


Test Cases


Wind Tunnel Data

Data Submittal Forms & Postprocessing Info

TFG List and Associated Documents


Record of Emails to Participants

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Presentations

Workshop Results

Presentations from AIAA Aviation 2022 Special Sessions <- New!


Related Links

Link to new HLPW Home Page



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Recent Significant Site Updates
07/12/2022 - Added link to Presentations from AIAA Aviation 2022 Special Sessions
03/03/2022 - Added link to Workshop Results
01/13/2022 - Added link to Workshop Presentations

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Accessibility Statement

This workshop supports initiatives in NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate

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